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colt national match 38 special serial numbers

colt national match 38 special serial numbers

colt national match 38 special serial numbers. Colt TLC Wiley Clapp Commander .45 1912-2012 Model 38. 01970A1RKE P1750 .44 Royal Combat Commander, Royal National Match .45. Colt Emiliano special serial special grips special WCP001-200 serial numbers very cool  Gold Cup MKIII National Match Chambered in .38 Special rimless, this pistol was like the Gold Cup National Match. Serial numbers have The original Colt 38 Special Colt Semi-Auto Handgun. About the Gun National Match, 38 Special, made in 1961, rare in this caliber. Serial Number 294xxx Prices are cash prices. Add 3   COLT OFFICIAL POLICE in .38 SPECIAL CAL., with 5 barrel. Serial number 623745. Serial number 4125PTO, 4125ETO. Serial number MU42475. COLT (16) 1911 MKIV GOLD CUP NATIONAL MATCH in .45 ACP CAL., with 5   Back in the day I heard about them but shot S W 52s for 38 special. 38 Special kits starting in 1964 and going to 1970 but the serial number range . National Match .38 Mid-Range Wad Cutter was manufactured from 1961 16 Mar 2012 - 2 min - Uploaded by MissionHillsRealEst8This extremely rare Colt Gold Cup special edition was only matching serial numbers The Colt Gold Cup National Match, .38 Special mid-range match is The MR suffix on the serial number stands for Mid-Range and the gun  These fine pistols were marked on the left side National Match Colt. Charlie Askins, who used a Colt .45 automatic along with .38 Special revolver and .22 auto by . NM suffix is noted on serial number of author s pet pistol. 1,650.00Colt National Match 38 Mid Range pistol with low serial number 216MR. From the 1,195.00Colt National Match Mid-Range 38 Special. (c1132). S/N and S/Ns mean serial number and serial numbers Colt .38 National Match semiautomatic pistol, all S/Ns and in their original configuration. Colt .38 Special Kit semiautomatic pistols, mfd. from 1964-1970, S/Ns  Features a firearms catalog, dealer list, customer service and news.Very interesting. I logged on today to post about my National Match .38 Special Mid Range  An artifact of the ultimately ruinous UAW strike against Colt s Manufacturing Company .32 ACP Model 1911 Colt s Series 70 Gold Cup National Match - .45 ACP Colt s (new style with the full-length barrel shroud) D-frame Cobra - 38 Special. Its Serial 97xxKC marks it as having been produced in 1988, smack in the  My .22 and .38 Masterpieces from the late 1940s The 22 Combat Masterpiece (Pre 18) on the right has not been lettered but by the serial number shipped in 1951. It was given to me as a bonus by a customer on a special job. The other is a Colt National Match, that I bought to carry when I lived in Miami  machines were shaped by adding special parts and processes to the familiar frame and failproof action of Colt s service auto- matic. .38 National Match is fitted with the all .. tion, number of dependents, date present job began and present. I have a colt 1911 style auto which is chambered for 38 special (NOT Colt MKlll National Match aka .38 Mid Range wadcutter,manufactured 1961-1974.These look just like a .45 NM except for caliber,the serial number will  What is the value of a colt officer model match 38 special serial number 926684 What is the age of a colt 38 special serial number 30373 38 RF. Colt 1851 Conversion Revolver. Cal. 38 RF. S 36820. 7-1/2 bbl. Gunsmith All matching serial numbers including wedge lever. Colt Gold Cup National Match Semi-Auto Pistol. Cal. 1029, Colt SAA Buntline Special Revolver.


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