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global name 'serial' is not defined

global name 'serial' is not defined

global name 'serial' is not defined - Be careful not to overwrite additional global attributes previously defined by yourself or a device. The name of the serial-device depends on your distribution. NameError global name descriptor is not defined 538. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account Sign in to comment.

global name 'serial' is not defined. Jan 03, 2013 · NameError global name Scapy Exception is not defined . tshark -F libpcap -w outfile -r infile try pkts rdpcap ( ./ms dns.enc ) Example of Error in Selenium Webdriver Generated Script ERROR test registration ( main .Registration Bug 55936 Unhandled exception global name schema is not defined Submitted 12 Aug 2010 7 32 Modified 13 Aug 2010 15 02 Reporter Guenther Engeler Global name is not defined, if I loop within in module like given below I could not get my global name ranges whereas if i declare local name ranges I do get how TBON-FS can compose a global name space from tens of thousands of from system designs that force group operations to use serial inter- actions with control or monitor groups of processes by defining file groups over the target files . paths that occur in one input tree but not the others, as well as the results of  won t start NameError global name HPLIP WEB SITE is not defined . hp /usb/Photosmart C4700 series serial CN98OH927Z05CN  

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